The truth about the war in Libya and the responsibility of UN – Leaked documents from Qatar

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  On March 23, 2021, Emmanuel Macron met at the lysée Palace with Mohamed Al Manfi, President of the Libyan Presidential Council. Before leaving his host he takes his serious air to make a solemn declaration in front of the cameras. He launches into a monologue whose historical significance deserves a quote:

  “We have a debt to Libya and Libyans, very clear, which is a decade of disorder, the Libyans have the right to have a country in stability to recover their rights “

  With these words he has just acknowledged the responsibility of France and its allies in the Libyan disaster. The leaked documents from Operation Raven shed light on this troubled period.


  In this leaked document, It was agreed that the State of Qatar would bear all the costs of the military and security operations in Libya. Photo: Click on image to enlarge in PDF.

  The last page of the minutes of the November 23, 2010 meeting between Sarkozy and Sheikh Al Thani reads above the signatures:

  3). It was agreed that the State of Qatar would bear all the costs of the military and security operations in Libya.

  4). That the State of Qatar pay the sum of 300 million euros to His Excellency President Nicolas Sarkozy.

  At the end of the meeting, President Sarkozy congratulated His Excellency Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani, Crown Prince of Qatar, for the great role he plays in the special strategic partnership between France and Qatar in all fields. He also renewed his commitment to support Qatar in the organization of the 2022 World Cup.


  Of course, the 300 MEUR are intended for the coffers of the Ministry of Defense and not for President Sarkozy personally. Carla Bruni has already received 6 MEUR in November 2009 and Sarkozy 15M EUR for his benevolence in the purchase of Paris Saint Germain.

  This document exists in two copies, one of which is registered in the archives of the Elysée Palace. The French judges who have officially received a copy of all the documents coming from the hacking of Qatar will be able to verify their authenticity. It will be complicated to oppose them once again to the defense secret. The French military have the right to know that Qatar has paid the French army like a prostitute, nothing less. The expenses of the Harmattan operation correspond perfectly to the budget allocated by Qatar. And the UK spent the same amount as well.

  There was never a Libyan army plane bombing the civilian population nor a column of tanks rushing into Benghazi. Here again, we have to go back to the images of the Pentagon press briefing of March 1, 2011. Robert Gates and Admiral Mullen are facing a pack of accredited and incredulous journalists. After fourteen minutes, one of the journalists asked the Secretary of State: “Do you have any proof of these bombings? Again the answer is historic: “we have seen it in the press” and General Mullen adds, “Yes! we have read it in the press”.

  The war in Libya was aimed at destabilizing a gas producer and capturing its wealth, destabilizing Western countries. In January 2011, even though Gaddafi did not yet suspect anything, Sheikha Moza sent $15 million to the Islamists of northern Mali, a fortune for these groups.


  Leaked document – Qatar funds Islamists in Mali. Photo: Click on image to enlarge in PDF.

  To Her Highness the Sheikha / Hind Bint Hamad Al Thani

  Director of the Cabinet of the Emir

  The Cabinet of the Emir


  I would like to refer to your letter number (d a-49-2011) dated 04/01/2011 containing the instructions of His Excellency the revered Emir of the country, regarding the granting of urgent aid to the Islamic opposition movements in the north of Mali and in the Sahel and Saraha regions, in the amount of 15,000,000 (fifteen million) US dollars. This operation is brought to the attention of the State Security Department represented by Mr Bin Hamad Al-Naimi under the heading of humanitarian aid.

  I would like to inform your honor that in execution of the instructions received, an aid of 15,000,000 US dollars in cash has been delivered to the State Security Department, represented by Mr. / Abdullah Bin Hamad Al-Naimi.

  A few months later BHL, Sarkozy, Camerone called the UN to the rescue and it implemented for the first time the doctrine of “Responsibility to Protect”. Ten years later, President Macron has noted the destruction, but what about the right of the Libyan population to obtain justice for a totally illegal war?

  The leaked documents received by in PDF

  Document 1 – Qatar would bear all the costs of the military and security operations in Libya

  Document 2 – Qatar sent $15,000,000 to Islamist extremists in Mali

  Document 3 – Full transcript in Arabic and English of the meeting between Bernard Henri Levy BHL with Qatar’s foreign minister Sheikh Hamad Jabor Al Thani on September 20, 2011

  All the document

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